Six Records of a Floating Life

Six Records of a Floating Life is an autobiographical narrative of Shen Fu, describing his life with his wife,Chen Yun, and friends. Anecdotes such as Shen went to watch insects play and Chen dressed up as a man to watch a performance are written in the book with Wenyan languages. While not vernacular (different from The Story of Ah Q), it describes objects special to the author’s period of time and area as well as the events well. In the chronicle, from The Joys of the Wedding Chamber, The Pleasures of Leisure, The Sorrows of Misfortune, to The Delights of Roaming Afar, Six Records of a Floating Life narrates the author’s life story as well as tells me how common people live in Qing Dynasty. Though it’s incomplete (two of six “records” were lost), it shows us cultures in ancient world from which I learned about similarities and differences between ancient and contemporary culture.


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