About Me

Tony in the Lab

I am a high school student in China, born in rural area in Xiamen and now live in Xiamen Island.

I have been learning programming for 9 years and have thirty-one(31) published articles on national journals Radio and Electronics World and domestic magazines PC Digest and iTouch. And three(3) patents in China(one in notification period).

I’m doing a lot of other projects. Other than my own games and tools on my Github, I’ve made 2 bug fixes to Google’s Blockly, and a commit for OpenCV.

In Stanford’s High School Summer College that I attended last summer, I helped CS106B lecturer Chris held a review session, found bugs in a class handout(and fixed them), and made contributions to the class slide. Thanks Chris so much! After contacting Lab064 manager Steven Clerk I got the chance to do my own experiments in electronics and I published essays for my experiments in journal Radio in installments.(the photo on the top of this page)

I have interned in Hex Technology Ltd., a drone company, and designed a ship price evaluation system as well as Panopath, an educational organization, to design Pano Activity, an mini app which connects activity organizers and participants and enjoy working with partners towards the same goal.

My newest articles are:

On Electronics World, a national journal established in 1979, organized by Chinese Institute of Electronics:
Software Application
  • 2017/No.15 An English Menu Scanning and Translating Application Based on Mobile Phone Camera P64
On Radio (WXD Hands-on Electronics), a journal for electronics established in 1953:
General Science Popularization Serialization

These articles are simple experiments for understanding basic concepts in electromagnetism that I did in Lab064 in Stanford while I attend High School Summer College in 2017. Credit to TA Cheng Chen and Lab Manager Steven Clark.

  • 2017/9 The Memory of Circuits P68-73
  • 2017/10 Easy Ways to Generate Electrical Vibrations P65-69
  • 2017/11 Let’s Make a Capacitance Meter P70-72
  • 2017/12 Try on Capacitive Touch Sensing P56-58
    (more articles will be published in monthly installments)
Innovation and Projects
  • 2017/10 Port x86 Emulator bochs to STM32 P15-20
  • 2017/7 The DIY Lamp That Supports Homekit P17-21

If you want to visit my old Chinese blog, QZone, Click here. It may prompt you to log in, but anyone logged in would be able to view the content (and if you know how to disable the log in stuff, tell me).